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I found the Coaches Collection! Sarah is a true coaches coach! Her inspirational guidance, resources, detailed success scripts, and business acumen elevated my coaching practice to the next level. The Coaches Collection turned me into a great business woman too! I wouldn't have gotten here without Sarah's intervention. Give the Coaches Collection a try. This program is a game changer, both personally and professionally. Quite simply, it's the best investment I've ever made.

Coach Joann T

"Sarah's Online Challenge Solution was a game changer for my health coaching business. By the end of the 5 day challenge

I had signed up 3 new 1:1 clients to my paid program!! I highly recommend!!."

Coach Kim W - Health Reset with Kim

All my posts are scheduled and I managed to figure out how to send out the night before email!! whoop whoop!! 2nd person has paid for my 28 day challenge and 3 more have committed! Let's do this thing!!Thanks again so much Sarah!!! Exactly what I needed!!

Coach Charene

Hello Coaches & Entrepreneurs

I'm Sarah

I am so happy you are here! I, like you am a Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur!

Even though I started my studies in nutrition I realized that that was not what I was really looking for, there was something missing, yes nutrition is important but what I discovered years later would turn the light bulb on! I was working for a doctor at a diet center (loved working with them) but being able to only spend 10 mins a week with patients, following a "diet" was all fine and dandy but they were not having the results I wanted to see! Yes they were losing weight but, they weren't loving it, it was a temporary fix, and most were coming back with the weight back on, the maintenance was not working... The light bulb, duh how did I miss this! Temporary change in eating aka fad diets was not the answer, what was? After all I had been doing this since the 80's saw lots of transformations but also lots of repeat customers...

Changing lifestyle was.

So I decided it was time for us to part ways, thankfully they got where I was coming from (although they begged me to stay, I did until I found the perfect replacement for me!) So when I went on my own I freelanced for other practitioners I did online session and thought this is cool, but the marketing part sucked...

I had taken a free challenge on line (don't even remember what the first one was, there have been hundreds since) And at the end they started offering something, that I wanted hmmm I thought what a brilliant business move. So I dug into my biz background and degree and thought let's see..... I decided I would do my own online and see what would happen. To my delight I had 57 for the first round sign up! But only 3 signed on with my 12 week program BUT that was perfect because that was all the space I had left in my schedule. (put it out to the universe and you shall be surprised!)

I had some other coaches ask howI stayed busy and how I was finding clients online, how to build a coaching business when there is a gigantic big blue sea of coaches out there... How would they stand out when they are new to coaching?

Hence where the Online Challenge System was created! The beta group ended up with tons of new leads, new prospects, and new paying clients even before they started their challenges!

Challenges can be a lot of work, but can be extremely lucrative and a key to business building and standing out in the big blue sea of online coaches.

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