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Coaches are you struggling with attracting your ideal clients?

January 02, 20234 min read

“Getting into the mind of your ideal clients or audience can give you all you need for your social media content .” - Sarah Demille

One of the most important aspects of your job as a coach is to ask your clients the right questions in order to help them achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Questions can be an incredibly powerful tool – they can make clients think critically to uncover hidden obstacles that may be holding them back and motivate them to take action.

So why not add this to your social media planning??

What better way to learn more about your ideal clients?

If I had a magic wand, what would be your ultimate goal of working with a health coach?

This question helps determine your client’s motivations for working with you as a coach, whether it’s improving their relationships, health concerns,boosting career success, or simply feeling happier in general. In addition, this is a fabulous opportunity to set expectations for your coaching sessions and ensure that you’re both on the same page.

What are your current goals with (What you coach on or what your course, product or business solves for your ICA)?

This question allows you to understand better what your client is hoping to achieve through coaching and whether their goals are realistic and achievable. It also helps you determine which areas of their life they’d like to focus on first.

What have you already tried in the past that just didn't cut it for you?

Here, you can determine what methods and strategies your client has tried to achieve their goals and whether they’ve been effective. This information can help determine which approach to take with your coaching.

8 Reasons

Coaches struggling to get in your IC's head? 👊

What obstacles are holding you back from reaching (the transformation or outcome you promise)?

This question helps uncover any hidden fears or doubts that may be sabotaging your client’s efforts to achieve their goals. Once these obstacles are out in the open, you can help your client develop strategies to overcome them.

What is your biggest challenge right now, what are you struggling with the most when it comes to ( the struggles your IC has)?

This question allows you to focus on a specific issue that your client is struggling with at the moment and work together to find a solution. It also helps you get an idea of what kinds of challenges they may face in the future.

How will you know you’ve gotten the results you wanted, what will life be like for you?

This question helps ensure that your client’s goals are specific and measurable so that you can track their progress and determine whether they’ve been successful or not. It also helps them stay motivated throughout the coaching process. They should give you a concrete answer that explains what the results they want look like.

What are your biggest strengths when it comes to (the problems they struggle with that your coaching, course or products solve)?

This question helps you understand what qualities and skills your client brings to the table, which can be useful when devising a strategy for achieving their goals. It may also help you identify potential areas of focus that go beyond the original goal itself.

Who do you usually turn and lean on for strength and support?

Here, you have an opportunity to get a sense of who your client already has in their life for support. Plus, understand which other people or resources will potentially be helpful during the coaching process. You may also learn about any internal support systems they have available to them.

What are your long-term plans to reach your (transformation they desire)?

This question helps you get an idea of how your client envisions their future and whether their goals align with their overall life vision. Knowing your client’s long-term plans gives you a sense of where they may want to go next once they’ve achieved the original goal.

How can I help you reach (their desired outcome or transformation)?

Asking an open-ended question like this provides the opportunity for you to gain insight into what kind of support your client may need from you during the coaching process. Plus, if you listen carefully, they’ll tell you how you can best assist them in achieving their goals. Depending on the answer, this could involve anything from giving advice or providing emotional support to teaching new skills or helping them take action.

Overall, asking these kinds of questions will help you get to know your client better, understand their motivations and challenges, and develop a more tailored and effective social media and coaching strategy. Ultimately, this will lead to better results for both you and your client.

What are your thoughts?

Sarah Demille

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